Why I Use Sustainable Palm Oil Instead of Boycotting It

If you haven’t noticed, I have a little badge at the bottom of my home page that says ‘Palm Done Right’, and the ingredients list on my soaps contains ‘Sustainable Palm Oil.’ The palm oil I use is grown ethically in Ecuador by farmers who have been vetted by Palm Done Right, and their workers are paid a fair wage; the land the trees are on were planted on pastureland that has stood empty for at least ten years to ensure that no rainforest has been destroyed to try to join the initiative in order to be paid a premium for the oil by the organization (Palm Done Right verifies this by looking at Google Maps images going back at LEAST ten years); AND, they are creating biodiversity in among the Palm trees by planting native flora and fauna to re-create the rainforest environment that had been destroyed by clearing when the pastureland was created.


By simply boycotting palm oil, nothing is done to rehabilitate the land, and the rainforests get smaller and smaller and they continue to be  burned, clear-cut, and destroyed. It stimulates economic growth and provides opportunities for real jobs for the people who work on these farms, and while it may feel like a drop in the bucket, you can vote for change with every bar of soap, and every single product you buy that uses Palm Done Right’s palm oil.


We are stripping away the earth’s resources at break-neck speed, and have been since about 1950; those who study climate change and work in the field of earth sciences are currently debating whether we are in a new Epoch – a man-made Epoch – called the Anthropocene – that’s right – within the next year, they will be solidifying this decision and placing a ‘golden tack’ to memorialize this new Epoch, and one of those locations that looks promising is right here in Ontario – Crawford Lake. Can you imagine? That we, mere mortals, have literally created a new Epoch resulting directly with the upswing in developments that has occurred since the 1950’s?


Our Earth’s resources are limited, and we are losing so many natural forests and rainforests to farmland and human habitat, deforestation for the use of wood as lumber, and the extinction of plant and tree species for the precious oils they contain, that if we don’t act, right now, we will lose these resources. I chose to take a step towards rehabilitation for the rainforests, just as I choose not to use the essential oils from trees that are going extinct. If we’ve done this much damage in just 70 years, imagine what will happen if we don’t step in to replace these resources now? Look for the Palm Done Right label on the products you buy – or, better yet, check out their website for more information, and check out which companies are partners with the organization – you may be surprised!